Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sleek Review

I've finally got one of my dream palettes, the Sleek I-divine palette in acid. Sleek is actually a UK brand and is not available in the Philippines BUT you can find a lot of online sellers in Facebook and Multiply which distribute the brand, from blushes, lip paints, to eye shadow palettes including this one. This is really my favorite among the others and i got mine from Hot Boutique By Carmella in Facebook. I love how the shadow sticks to the skin and stays there for hours. It is not easily erased by oiliness or sweat.

The colors make me Colorgasm! *drool*


I tried to imitate the Nicki Minaj Super Bass Look Using the palette and I'm Really impressed with the palette's intense hues. When I applied it i thought it was kinda light and unnoticeable but when i took a photo of it, the colors are so intense, i was really surprised and excited!

I am looking forward to creating more looks with this gorgeous palette. For now, I'll practice more on "super bass" look and will keep you guys posted. :)

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