Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my precious treasures

being a mom is really wonderful. i never imagined my self being able to love three guys all at the same time until now that i have my three boys. (my 3 children are all boys!) i remember when i had my eldest son, i felt like i was in heaven. i was still in the operating table coz i delivered him via ceasarian section when i heard him cry. i saw him moving vigorously and crying loudly, i was so happy!that's a sign of life! i smiled with tears flowing from my eyes. i've never felt so happy in my entire life until that day. i cant wait to hold him in my arms. when i finally got hold of him, i felt like im holding the most precious treasure every human would sought. i watch his every move. i watch him sleep. i watch him breathe. i love to hear his bounding heartbeat making me realize that i have been an instrument of god to give life to such a lovely creature. i never want this feeling end. its like being inlove but more than that. i felt that way too when i had my second and third son.

now that i have them, i feel very contented. i sometimes find myself staring at them when they were asleep,  and telling myself how lucky i am to have such lovely gifts from god. though its really hard to have kids, i am willing to take that hardship just to see them happy and healthy. seeing them smile makes my heart melt. their laughter is like a music to me. that is the sweetest and the most beautiful sound i've ever heard. i never imagined my life could be this happy till i had them. now, im not alone to face the world full of challenges for i have them as my strength. they are my reasons to stay alive and continue to make my dreams come true. they are my life.[gallery]