Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Special: Foster Parenting and Adoption

One of the most celebrated occasions around the world is the mother's day, where we give honors to all the mothers, may it be our sisters, grandmoms, teachers, friends, and every women who've given birth to someone to call them mother. Motherhood is not only achieved by giving birth to a child, it can also be achieved  by taking care of a child, clothing him, bathing him, feeding him, giving him a mother's love even if the child didn't came from that woman's womb. This is called Foster Parenting or adoption. Foster parenting or foster care is temporary family care given to toddlers, babies, or minors who were abandoned, abused, neglected, or surrendered by their family to a child care institution. Adoption is the process of acquiring or assuming the parental care of a child, rights and responsibilities, and filiation from the biological parents. The Department of Social Welfare and Development sets some requirements, and assists the families who would like to be a foster family or those who would like to adopt a child. The would-be foster family should be licensed as required by the law.

Some married woman who are unfortunate to have their own children because of certain circumstances resort to foster parenting and adoption to fulfill the need of giving a motherly love to a child, to nurture him, care for him, and call him their own. There are a lot of children especially toddlers and infants, who were abandoned by their families in shelters, churches, and some were left to die out in the cold weather, in dirty and filthy garbage bags. These children were not only deprived of love from the parents but were also deprived of the right to live happily and become a part of the society.

Fortunately, there are families who are willing to give love to these less fortunate children, treat the children as their own and give these kids the feeling of having a caring and loving family permanently, or until the time when the children will be moved to their adoptive parents. Here is a list of child care institutions that accepts volunteers and foster parents, should you feel that you have the "calling" and compassion to the orphaned children, or if you would like to donate and give help in keeping these children in proper care.

Every one of us, especially women, married or not, have a "Child care experience" or none, could be a mother to a child. It is true that the children are the hope of the future but it's in our hands, to shape the children's character and how will he become the hope of the future. Our guidance, love, affection, and nourishment will be the most important tools in rearing our children to become a good citizen of the country, to become moral and compassionate individuals, and to become the best parents for their own children. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL!


credits: http://www.qsl.net (image)