Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Carl's Summer Class

I've enrolled Carl last month in Special Education Institution in Pasig City, a school run by the government for special children who can't afford to go to a private special school. I'ts great that there's a school like this  for poor Filipino special children so they will have access to the kind of education that they need. The tuition fee for a year is only 300 pesos. The shoes, notebooks, books, and PE uniform are all provided by the government. The school accepts Hearing impaired children (just like my Carl), Autistic children, children with down syndrome, and children with learning disabilities (dyslexia, to name one). The teachers are graduates of  BS education with special education major, and are all friendly and approachable. The school has a security guard and never let the children go out of the school premises if not picked up by the guardian. This Summer, the kids are taught how to write, to perform activities of daily living, to do some house chores (within the scope of the child's capacity), and to socialize with other children and the society. I'm planning to transfer Carl in a private school if our budget permits but as of now, I'll just let my son enjoy this school and the privilege of studying for a very affordable price. I'm so thankful that there are teachers that are willing to give education to these children in exchange for a modest salary. You are like an angel to parents who have a special children because without you, who will impart knowledge to the child aside from us parents? KUDOS TO ALL SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS!! 

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