Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things I remember my mom told me.

Being a mom is indeed a very rewarding job. It pays nothing but hugs, kisses, and love from our kids. I remember the things that my mom told me/want me to do when i was a kid that are exactly what i'm telling my kids today.

My Beautiful Mom and My adorable kids.

1. Don't Go Far! My mom always held on me when we were out in the mall. I wonder why she wont let me go and roam around, look at the things around. Now i know why. She's just afraid to lose me as I am very scared of losing sight of my kids when we go out.

2. Taking a nap in the afternoon. My mom told me that if i sleep in the afternoon, i will grow tall. Well, i did that but i never grew tall. Now I know the reason behind the "nap in the afternoon". Well perhaps for me, I send the kids off to sleep in the afternoon because toddlers need 10-13 hours of sleep at night and 1-3 hours nap time at day time to add up for their growth, physical, and mental development. Complete hours of sleep in children also lessens their mood swings and irritability. And it also gives the parents time to do the house chores or have sometime for relaxation.

3. Eating Vegetables. Getting Children to eat vegetables could be a very tiring battle between Parents and kids. That was also one of my mom's problems when i was a kid, and also my problem now that i have kids. But we should get our kids to eat vegetables because vegetables are great source of vitamins and minerals that are needed for growth and development. We Should introduce vegetables to our kids as early as 6 months by incorporating it to baby cereals, or other baby foods that they eat. We should also show them that we are eating vegetables as a way of convincing them because what we eat will also influence the kids' food preferences.

4. Don't talk when your mouth is full. My mom told me I should never talk when eating or with my mouth full because it may choke me to death. SERIOUSLY. Choking is when something, a liquid or a foreign body entered our air pipe where the air passes to our lungs, and blocks this air way. If this foreign body is not removed within seconds, it could result to death. Another case is when a foreign body entered our air pipe down to our lungs which could result to Aspiration Pneumonia.

5. I Love You! Of course our parents love us much more than we love them, and they want us to know how much they love us not only by saying these words but also by showing us through simple but thoughtful ways. Now that i already have my kids, i will never get tired of telling them and showing them how much i love just like my mom never got tired of showing me how much she loves me up until now.

Do you also remember things that your parents once told you which are exactly the things you're telling your kids now?

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