Saturday, February 25, 2012

Potty Training for Toddlers

I'm quite having a problem in potty training my youngest kid because he don't want to wear diapers anymore but he doesn't know how to tell me when he's gonna poop so I end up cleaning his poop in his underwear and on the floor. (smells so gross, really.) My two older kids have been successful in potty training and now they go by themselves in the comfort room to poop. Now I'm reviewing some info's about potty training and there are several sites online who give information about the steps in potty training and here are the steps that I find useful and that I've already proven to be useful.

The Child's Readiness. A child may show readiness to start the potty training as early as 18 months of age to 3 years. The signs are: staying dry for up to two hours, uncomfortable with wet or dirty diapers, being able to follow simple instructions, asking to wear a regular underwear, or asking to use the potty chair. We should tell by the child's facial expression or stance if he is going to urinate and poop. We should also not pressure the child to learn right away for it will be counter productive.

The Right Equipment. The potty chair should of course be appropriate to the child's size. We can let the child pick his potty chair and let him put a name on it, or decorate it so he can get used with the potty chair. Whenever he show signs of urinating or having a bowel movement, take him to the chair and explain to him what he should do.

The Routine. Establish a daily routine in the potty seat. Let the child sit at least once a day, every morning, afternoon, or anytime of the day that he usually poops so he will get used to the potty seat. Tell him that removing the pants before using the toilet is also done by mommy and daddy and other siblings because its a grown up thing to do. If he feels a little scared in using the potty seat, don't push it, just give him some time and then when he's willing to sit there, then he's ready to try again.

Demonstrate. The child will learn to sit in the potty seat by seeing his other older siblings do it, or if parents demonstrate and explain how to use the toilet. hand washing after using the toilet, wiping the potty seat before using, and flushing the toilet. Children learn by imitation and by seeing this routine everyday, he will get used to the routine and learn to use the toilet.  

Encourage and Appreciate. Encourage the child to use the potty seat whenever he has the urge to poop or urinate. If there are "accidents", handle it gracefully and tell him to tell you early next time when he has to go to the toilet. Appreciate and praise the child for every successful use of the toilet, and appreciate also every attempt that he made in using the potty seat.

* I'm gonna have an update post on this next time for other useful tips in potty training.

CREDITS: Babycenterkeep kids healthy

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