Tuesday, April 3, 2012

And We Tied the Knot.

Yesterday was one of the greatest moment in my life. After eight Long years of being together, We Finally tied the knot in a simple Civil wedding. But before that, there were a lot of things that we've prepared to finally get the schedule of our wedding. First, the marriage licence . It is obtained at the local registry office (that's inside the municipal hall) by giving the Birth certificate, and attending to a series of seminars, but since we're living together for five years and we already have children, we directly went to the hall of justice, gave out our birth certificate, cenomar or certificate of no marriage, an affidavit of parent consent (for me since i am only 24 years old) and an affidavit stating that we are living together for five years. Included also were the birth certificates of our three children. After checking our requirements, we were given the schedule of our civil wedding. For our reception, we went to a local restaurant, The Seafood Island which is located in Market! Market! Taguig and reserved a total of 40 seats for our guests. And everything was all set! The wedding day came, and it all went well as we planned. We are planning also to have a church wedding, if the time and budget permit but for now, we will cherish this moment and treasure it every waking hour of our lives.

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