Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Signs that your child loves you

Being a mom is a very rewarding job. It may be difficult but it’s worth the hardship especially when your child gives back the love that you’re always showing him. In my four years of being a mom I can say that I’ve already experienced being loved by my kids. Here are the signs.

Your infant stares at your face
Your baby loves to stare in your face memorizing each and every detail. He’s beginning to realize that you’re important and special though he doesn’t actually understand everything around him.

He misses you when you’re away
Your baby looks around to find you. He cries when you leave and smiles when you return.

Your baby smiles, hugs, and kisses you unexpectedly
Especially when he sees that you’re sad and lonely, your child will come to you and try to brighten your day when you feel so low. It’s his way of consoling you and telling you that he’s there to help-even by just being there.

He runs to you when he’s hurt
You will be the source of his comfort and his strength when he’s down. Just give him some encouragement, hug him, and console him. Tell him that it’s ok to fail and try again.

Your toddler wants to make you happy
 He’ll do everything just to see you smile and happy. He’ll try to help you with the house chores, give you a portion of the cookie he’s eating (which my kids actually do) or dance and sing you a song (which my kids also do).

He enjoys playing with you
Though he has developed friendships among his peers, still the single most important person he enjoys playing with is you. You can see this if he never gets tired playing with you and becomes upset when you’ve decided to end the game. Playing with your kid also develops a strong bond and a lasting friendship.

You become his confidante
He shares you his secrets, his ideas, and his embarrassing experiences, or he just want to talk to you about everything around him.

He gives you a gift
A drawing of the family, a star grade from school, a flower, a shell, or anything that he sees beautiful will be his way of showing you that you’re appreciated, special, and loved.

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